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Drain CCTV  

Drain CCTV Survey

Drain CCTV Surveying explained:

What is a drain cctv survey ? why would I need a drain cctv survey ?

A drain cctv camera system usually involves a length of rigid rod with a camera attached to the end that has lights and a sonde built in, this is so the camera can get a clear bright picture and the drain cctv engineer can track above ground with a C.A.T the route taken by the camera travelling up the pipe work.

There is various drain cctv cameras on the market some are very good quality giving very clear dvd or still image footage & like anything else some very poor cctv cameras giving poor visibility and unless you use a proper drain cctv company using the latest cctv camera equipment you will have wasted your hard earned money with cctv footage that is difficult to see & if you need to make an insurance claim the insurance companies will want to see clear cctv footage of any drain repairs that have been claimed for.

Push rod drain cctv systems are commonly used for domestic applications i.e. private houses & mainline drain cctv crawlers are used for mainline sewer systems like the crawler camera pictured above.

We at Drainage Experts Ltd use the very latest drain cctv camera systems with approved WinCan drainage reporting software if needed for utility companies or hand written drain cctv reports that include a DVD of the drain cctv survey.

Make sure when you order your drain cctv survey the drainage company you instruct use only the latest camera equipment we personally use xtek camera systems as they deliver quality dvd footage & we can produce both the report & DVD of your drain cctv survey onsite